Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Now what's so great about Facebook? Why are people addicted to it? Well the main function of the site is to connect people. Simple, isn't it? Create an account, put a picture, and with luck people you know will start requesting to be your friend. Who knows, you might even bump into an old classmate or two. Better still, you could even search for your relatives with an account. And while you're on it, why not just add all friends of your friends even if they don't know you? Isn't networking great?

There are a lot of things you could do on Facebook. How about putting up a picture and tagging practically everyone on your friend list? It doesn't even have to be a picture of those people, just some random cartoon characters or generic optical illusion will do. Soon people will be debating over the picture and the rest who didn't join the conversation will be grateful for their crammed inbox (Some-unknown-users just commented on a photo of you). Oh and speaking about pictures, isn't it a great idea to have a very long conversation with a few people through the comments function in a particular picture? The conversation should not be about the picture at all of course, and the picture is preferably one with a lot of people tagged so that they will all receive the tonnes of notifications. Who needs Yahoo Messenger when you can comment instead?

And if you're feeling like wanting to know something about yourself that you might already know, there are plenty of quizzes for you to do and discover your 'true' self. They are all very accurate too. Try one. After a few simple questions, you can find out whether your are bored (the fact that you are doing the quiz already shows that you are) or even how many times will you get married (some of my friends supposedly will have more than 1 husband).

When you are tired of wasting time on the same things, there's a bunch of games you can play. You know, those types of games that force you to check it up every hour or so to see whether your corn can be harvested or if your chicken is cooked. Great way to spend your time, those games.

By now, it's quite clear what I think about this social networking website. I'm not so crazy about it like most of my friends. The only reason I was into Facebook is because I want to post pictures to share (I don't like seeing pictures I've taken being posted without being credited).

Another thing besides the annoying notifications (thank goodness for email filters) that bothers me is the fact that some users' Facebook persona is very different from their real self. And I can't understand how some people can talk like best friends in Facebook when they never pass anything beyond "Hi" face -to-face. It boggles the mind.

All in all, Facebook is a great innovation , no doubt. But right now I don't see it being more useful than to reach to a lot of people in a short time. But then again, the primitive sms or call is still more effective.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Prison Break

I got the DVD for season 4! Yeah I know the show ended ages ago, but it was hard for me to watch it when the nearest TV available was 5 stories down (not to mention having to berebut with everyone else who wanted to watch Malay dramas).

This excitement is somewhat dampened, no thanks to uninvited spoilers. My mom went "Oh, ni yang *someone* mati tu kan?" at the exact moment that I was handed the DVD. And my brother said "nanti diorang tunjuk anak *someone* kan?" Sheesh.. I hate spoilers.

I've only watched 6 episodes now, and I LOVE IT! Absolutely love it! Michael Scofield is as cool as ever (but I think he might have some serious health issue coming), and my favourite character is back. The baddest among the bad guys, T-Bag is still alive (the really bad guys are always kept alive kan?), but some evil black guy killed Mahone's son. I smell revenge! And more deaths.

Best show ever! Well, besides Criminal Minds and Pushing Daisies.