Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I need a break!

Don't we all?

Housemate: Banyak lagi keje?
Me: Sikiiiiit je lagi.
[an hour later]
Me: Yes! Dah habis keje! Boleh tido!
Housemate: Wah... Awal ye hari ni.

It was already 12:30 AM.

You know you're busy when 12:30 AM is considered as early. You know everyone else is busy when classmates ask you to email them your assignment at 3:00 AM (and all of you are still awake by then!). And you know you're all in a bad spot when people stop commenting on each other's dark circles or zombie-like state.

Is this normal? Surely this situation can be avoided in the first place. No? Since all of the particular assignments that caused the aforementioned sleep deprivation are group assignments, I can't help thinking that other people are to a certain degree responsible for this issue. And why is that so? Because I personally never experienced this situation before.

Now, can I actually do that? Putting the blame on other people?

Nah, even with all my negative impressions on group work, I know that this is nobody's fault. I'm sure everyone else would want to have more rest too if they can help it. But we can't help it. All (well, almost all) submissions of paperwork and presentations fall around the same time, due to some mysterious alignment of the stars. Or maybe because it's the last two weeks of the semester *shrugs*. Either way, those two weeks were absolutely intense. Really.

Considering the nature of students that dictates us to do practically everything last minute, we (my teams at least) started working on our tasks quite early, but still we had to face the exact situation that we were trying to avoid. I remember the nights when we had to put so much effort just to stay awake. And the expressions when we finally wrap things up... I don't remember feeling more grateful for 3 to 4 hours of sleep.

It's unbelievable, the things we went through. And I haven't even started on the drama yet! We have enough drama to fill an entire series! Oh we females are so dynamic. I shall not disclose those things here, just in case I decide to publish a book called Handling Bedlam.

Now that this phase had (finally) gone by, we certainly can take it easy for a while, can't we?

Unfortunately no. We are now in the initial period of our examination week, and we have 2 (two I tell you!) papers on Thursday (at the time of posting, that's tomorrow!). And they are both 100% reading subjects. So you see, we have to study - or more appropriately, memorize - for the papers when we haven't yet recovered from the fatigue of the last two weeks. How tormenting!

Personally, I find it hard to fall back on my previous ten-to-five sleeping pattern. It's now ten-to-six thirty. My body is craving for more rest. I'm sure everyone else is facing with the same situation, only they have more willpower than I do.

*sigh* I'm a whiner, I know. I'm sorry that this post sounds incoherent at times. That's what happen when one doesn't get enough sleep.


  1. like to read your blog~~
    love ur english~~

  2. Thank you very much~ I thought Pak Lang is the only reader!

  3. izni likes your english too :D