Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Books galore!

Hello there! Who are you and how are you feeling? Great, I hope. Who, me? I'm doing fine. A little weary from lack of sleep, but otherwise excellent. I'm a bit cheery today (can you tell?) so I want to share with you the reason for that (sorry Abang, it's another narcissistic entry). No it's not because I found out that I have more readers than I thought (and hopefully more in the future, thanks to Izni). I'm happy because I just bought some books at a bargain price!

Don't we just love book sales? I do. Even if I don't end up buying anything, I still love going to book sales, or any book-related events. Good thing for me, UiTM Shah Alam had been very encouraging for readers. We already have three book-related events in July and August so far. I really hope we'll have more in the future.

Now let us look at what I managed to get hold of from those events and today.

Bought at our library's stock clearance sale. In perfectly good condition, albeit the pages are yellow from age. That didn't bother me because some of my books turned that way after a few months (my Bartimaeus Trilogy are only five years old, but they could pass as books from the Beatles' era). Do you know how much an Edward de Bono book costs? I don't. But I'm sure it's so much more than RM4.90. That's right! I got this for RM4.90! After reading the price tag, I went "betul ke ni?" a few times. I didn't let go of the book like my CGPA depended on it. Even at the payment counter I was half expecting the girl to say "Oops kami tersalah letak price tag. Sebenarnya 20 ringgit ni", but it didn't come. Wow, I thought. I just bought an Edward de Bono for five ringgit.

This one is bought at UPENA Book Fair where local public universities and education institutions display and sell educational books that their students use. I discovered this and a lot of other gems at the Malaysian National Institute of Translation booth. The institution publishes translated works of local and foreign writers; Malay to English, English to Malay, Spanish to English and Malay, the list continues. They are mostly literature works which I never encountered anywhere else before. The objective of having these translated works is to promote literature, or more accurately, the writers to non native speakers of the original language. Seroja Masih di Kolam is an interesting read: it illustrates the lives of a few Malaysians sometime after we achieved independence. The book describes the friction between the malay-educated and the english-educated, besides detailing the journey of one malay girl in discovering her roots. Adibah Amin did a great job in portraying her characters; their emotions are so... real.

Another book from the Institute of Transalation: a dual-language collection of poems from Zurinah Hassan (at first I thought it was a horror story LOL). I was never into puisi melayu (the 'komponen sastera' part in BM was never interesting), but I was drawn to this book because the poems are simpler than those in our BM compulsory readings. Simple in language but deep in meanings (not that I understand all of them). And it's amazing how the phrases are rearranged in English but still maintain fairly the same meaning. Oh I forgot to mention that I received 20% off for this book and Seroja.

Now this. It was upon chance that I stumbled upon this baby yesterday. A brick-size book. Still in plastic cover. Two titles. Jeffrey Archer. RM9.90! O_O This was actually among the left-overs from the stock clearance sale I mentioned above (de Bono) and they are all piled up in our student book store. I had to practically dig up the lot to find this. I didn't let go.

Bought today from the same place as the one bought yesterday. Two titles again. RM12.90. I'm not too thrilled with the cover, but with that price, who am I to complain? I mean, two titles! (two titles is equivalent to two books)

Note: still is plastic cover. I know nothing about the book or the author, but I did browse through another copy of it and it seemed interesting enough. A combination of psychology and music therapy. They call it psychomusicology. I thought of my father's words when I decided to buy this: "you can make mistake at that price." So I went ahead and bought this too. RM9.90.

How can a book junkie not be happy when she has FOUR Jeffrey Archer titles for the price of RM22.80? Or an Edward de Bono for less than five ringgit? Who can believe that? I now have too little spare time that I might not be able to progress very rapidly, but it doesn't matter. Perhaps I'll share my thoughs on the books that I have not read yet one day.

Yeah I love good book bargains.
Thank you for reading. Feel free to leave comments.


  1. Atta girl! Chew up those pulp and and keep churning those 'like to read' writings.

  2. Ever stumbled upon Adibah Amin's 'As I Was Passing'? It's a wonderful collection of short stories, actually. It is entertaining, I must say. :)

  3. Thank you for the recommendation =D
    I already have both As I Was Passing and As I Was Passing II. And yes they are entertaining. Try reading Glimpses. It's a collection of short stories too =)