Sunday, September 19, 2010

Monday blues

Good companies, awesome food, refreshing conversations, fun activities, cheesy songs and bad movies. Ah yes. Selamat hari raya semua. I hope you enjoyed your holiday. After all those "I'll do that tomorrow" and "I really should stop eating" moments, are you geared and ready for school/work?

*sigh* I know. I hate it too. The post-holiday syndrome.

Yesterday my sister exclaimed "I hate the ending of cuti!" I wanted to say something clever like "don't look at it as an ending of cuti, look at it as a beginning of a new term of school" ......yeah... Like that's going to help. Besides, I'd feel like a hypocrite since I hate the ending of cuti too!

The post-holiday syndrome is basically the augmented version of the Monday blues. The symptoms? Dreading the coming days is one. Just thinking about the work waiting for you gives you the gloom. Regardless of whether you're studying or working, you know you have a pile of work to catch up on (it's funny how we say 'catch up' when everyone else is lagging too). It doesn't help if you, like me, hadn't been doing any school-related (I do mean university when I say school) work during the break *cough*Super Show 3*cough*. The momentum is gone. It's even worse if you watched IQ-lowering TV shows like Zombie Kampung Pisang.

Do you sometimes wish for just one more day of cuti? Do you find yourself not wanting to go back to school? Do you sigh when you pack your textbooks? Those are symptoms of the syndrome too. And for those who are studying far from home, you'll have homesickness to top it off. You know, that longing feeling after you've said your farewell [cue for Jaejoong's Insa].

After spending so much time with their family, some people feel lonely even when they are around people [cue for Michael Bublé's Home]. Some people miss the comforts of home, some miss the comfort of being with the family. Some miss the stories, the fun times, the bad jokes.

Don't worry, I'm not crying. Although I'm dubbed the crybaby by my housemates, I never cry because of homesickness. I just move around slower than usual. I sigh a lot.

*sigh* Yeah... I should stop. Don't bash me if you never experience the post-holiday syndrome. I know there are people who like a new beginning after some time off because they feel refreshed. Obviously, I'm not in that category, along with a lot of people I know (at least judging from their Facebook entries).

The transition from SS3 to FAR400 is a bit hard, but I'll manage. So should you.

On another note, do check out the following videos. My two brothers and I played these two instrumental songs. Feel free to comment! They are uploaded on Facebook as well.

Only You instrumental
Pachelbel's Canon instrumental