Monday, November 1, 2010

Dah tak bleh pi

Hear me ranting.

I'm bad at memorizing. Horrible. A glance at my SPM result can prove that. Prinsip Perakaunan? 1A. Pendidikan Muzik? 1A. Additional Mathematics? 2A. Sejarah? ..................4B. That one subject ruined my chances for a lot of things.

I'm memorizing for PSA420 (Public Sector Accounting) now and it's very, very excruciating. The only bearable part about the course is the Vote Book, which is the only place where we actually put our mathematical ability to use. I don't like this even more than Commercial Law. Lets hope my result this time won't be as bad as that. I'm currently using all my willpower to stop myself from screaming YARGHHHHHH!!!!! and all my strength to keep the book in my hands.

I'm not sure if this is some kind of mental block or something, but I think my brain is not wired for memorizing. However hard I try, I can't seem to be able to do well in that department. Maybe it's the painstakingly repetitive nature of it gets me agitated. My average brain which is not gifted with that ability to remember facts at first read and my heart which sets PSA to 'I don't like this' are agonizing here.

Why do I write this? Shouldn't I be reading about the roles and responsibilities of Treasury or something? Well, I need to get this out. My housemates already had their fair share of my "susahnya nak hafal ni~" so I'm sharing this with you, O wandering visitor.

Now I'm sure of it. That paper is going to bring me down. How can I tell? Well, right now I'm hoping for a mere 'pass'. Yes, I did that bad. And no, I'm not exaggerating.


  1. Your parent are always with you. Even at this time of writing this comment, they are with 'doa' that Allah facilitate your quest for 'ilm and achieve success in life and thereafter.

    As for memorizing stuff,get tips from your mama.(She can memorize loads of data from the phone directory and birthdays and more!)

    Take it easy girl!

  2. I appreciate the doa.
    Unfortunately, I did not inherit that ability. Knack for nagging, yes. Memorizing, no.

  3. You are a person who loves reading.So let reading those books be like reading a story. Then when you come to the facts, say to yourself do not remember this...and you will remember it. And post those info on stick it papers and paste it near your bathroom door or your cupboard or near the 'bank' where you can see them when you have large deposits.(he..he..)Don't worry..never give up trying...

  4. Haha Farah, you had the same thoughts as mine. I think PSA is a bunch of info, haywired, beautifully-phrased, but not pleasant to memorize.

    Have the guts for Advanced PSA in part 8? *giggles*

    p/s: PSA is my first paper which I aimed for a PASS, not an A. *sigh*

  5. ADA PSA LAGI NANTI? NOOOoooooooo~
    Tak mau grad lambat T_T