Sunday, February 13, 2011

Borang C

I just got back from this kursus made by our faculty for the new batch of committees from accounting students' associations. We have three associations and one secretariat.

One module talked about Borang C. Borang C, in simple words, is the form we need to fill to ask the faculty for money. Allocations have to be made on specific items. There would be times when some allocations are not enough and some more than enough. Well, we'll just take the excess money to cover the deficit. Simple enough solution, isn't it? But because of some strict rules, we need to have evidence that follows the exact allocation made, no more, no less. Any changes would mean more paperwork.

We could do it the formal way, but the process would be too tedious. Our speaker that day was one of our own senior accounting student, and he taught us the other way. So what is this other way?

Ahaha~ You need to be an (aspiring) accountant or do this kind of committee work to know that [sly grin, breaks into evil laugh]. Using the ethical relativism, we're not doing anything wrong since everyone's doing it! It has been said by a friend of mine that even government departments do it. And we're not actually stealing anything from anyone, we're just... rearranging the furniture.

Now I understand why accountants get that negative impression from people. I know that this kind of action is inevitable for the sake of our association(s), but it still doesn't calm my internal ethics department.

Creative accounting. That's the real deal.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Hello hello hello!

Farah malas update. A regular reader of mine said that a few times now. Adoi. I actually have a lot of things to write about (not that my life is that eventful). It's just that I happen to be a hardcore procrastinator. I know I'm one since the moment I discovered the word.

But before I launch into a self-depreciating, self-pitying rant, I better get to the agenda. I am dropping in to share with you, dear readers, some of my favourite kind of music! Yay!


...[cue for sounds of crickets]

I'm putting them here anyhow. These are songs that are not being/have not been overplayed on the radio. They have no annoying digital noise, no repetitive phrase, and best of all, no sexual message (two are instrumental songs anyway). These are best listened to with headphones or good speakers so that you can hear the bass (low pitch) part.

So, in no particular order:

1. Sungha Jung. Amazing kid. And I mean, uh-MAY-zing. He's a real prodigy. He is 15/16 now, but he's been playing the guitar since... I'm not sure, 4/5 years old? This song is one of his own compositions. HIS OWN COMPOSITION. Amazing skills AND the talent to write songs? Who dares to deny this kid's awesomeness??! He's the real version of August Rush! (if you haven't watch August Rush, you really really should do so) This video is a must-watch! Look how young he was!

I could spazz about this kid for a whole day! He has other self-composed songs that you can check on his Youtube account, jwcfree. All his covers are incredible as well. Have I told you how amazing he is?

2. I heard the song on the radio and I love it immediately! I'm not a fan of this genre of music (bluegrass?) or the band, but I adore this song. My brother thinks it's a love song, but it really is not. There's a great acoustic performance of this song, but I like the music video. Not a lot of people can sing about death and not sound morbid (McFly's She Falls Asleep is a good song too).

3. Owl City! Owl City is one-man-band made up of one Adam Young. At a glance, his songs all have weird, almost whimsical lyrics. You know he's quite imaginative, and his voice suites his music well. This is one of his older songs, where he didn't use as much electronic effects as now. I like the easy pace and the weird lyrics. You can go to to find out the meanings to the songs, but they are all just speculations. By the way, this is a fan-made video since there's no official video for the song.

4. I love Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. I love the songs in the anime too. Thanks to an anonymous reader, I've discovered Yuki Kajiura, the genius behind some of those great instrumental songs. Her music are epic! Some are so heartbreaking you'll cry halfway through the song even without a story. But I don't want you to cry so here's a favourite of mine.

5. Yeah. A local band that sings in english and malay. I like a lot of Bunkface songs, whether they are in english or malay. The singer has this unique accent when singing in malay, and they could pass for a Brit band with their english songs. This song is currently my favourite. It reminds me of Green Day's 21 Guns, probably because of the mood. This is the best audio I could find on Youtube, which is a shame =(

So... I hope you enjoy the songs. I just want to share some not-so-mainstream songs that are worth listening to. Do you have your own list? Suggestions are welcomed =D