Sunday, May 8, 2011

I'm sorry I'm late mama

an entire day was spent
and no words came to mind
an entire month can pass
without so much as a line
that truly says
what needs to be said.

the day?
that is not important
what is one day of recognition
against a lifetime of affection?

in attempts to express gratitude
words are strung into melodies
songs are sung in harmonies
gifts are given
hugs are shared
but nothing can be compared
with the love and care
and sheer hard work
from the person called mother.

to my dearest mama
i do hope you'll forgive me
the date, i didn't forget
but clever lines evade me
in my feeble effort
to say how much you mean to me.

someone please tell me
what can a person say to another
whose selflessness supersedes any other?

please forgive these awkward lines
they are not worthy to describe you, mama.

that's why i'll stop these ramblings
but please just know this one thing:
i love you
like you love me
and us
and nothing we do can ever be enough
to measure up to your care and love.