Sunday, August 7, 2011

Log out from people

If you have been my reader since the birth of this collection of rants and ramblings, you will know that I'm not a fan of Facebook. I think it brings out the worst of humanity. Besides being a hub for wannabes, posers and narcissists, Facebook changes the concept of friendship (forgive the cheesiness).

People can show off their friendships through wall posts and comments that nobody else understands and nobody really wants to read. Similarly, people can show off their meanness to friends (or housemates) through condemning, mocking, or sarcastic posts where no names are mentioned, but everyone knows whom it is about. The words are those that would never be said in front of the person(s), but cowards use the social networking site to vent out and boost their ego. Personal or private matters that should be kept between friends (or housemates) are made known to the world in moments of raging temper and delirium. There are no respect to the victim of the word abuse. It's baffling. Don't these people think first before writing? Why would you want to air your dirty laundry or show to the world how despicable you are? Well, these are the rare moments where people show their true selves and not try to be philosophers.

And what happens when you lose a friend because of your callousness? Simple. First, you need to unfriend the person. Next, delete all the person's comments to you and voila! She is officially not your friend and you can officially forget her. At least that's what a lot of people thought.

What about chatting etiquette? Is it okay to chat with a lot of people at the same time? I don't mean chatting in a group, but with a lot of individuals at the same time, with chat boxes berderet kat bawah. I used to think it's unfair to those people, as we couldn't give much attention to any of them. But the long pauses and short replies from those other people shows that they too are probably chatting with a lot of people at the time. Communication has become impersonal as we tried to entertain as many friends as we can.

Speaking about chat, have you ever experience the awkward moment when you have to talk about some uncomfortable matters with another person, but you haven't gotten around to call her yet and you tried to ignore her online status because she's ignoring you too? Don't know what I'm talking about? Good. That means you had never experience it before. Trust me, it's more awkward and uncomfortable than the time when your mum comments on your I-hate-life wall post (didn't happen to me) or the time when someone's sticky sweet boyfriend tells the world how much in love he is with his girlfriend in your photo album (happened to me).

And the issue of your privacy. I know Facebook has some privacy options and what not, but really. Unless we block a lot of features and friends' viewing, a lot of people can see your every move. And you have to admit people can be such stalkers sometimes. And the worst part? We might never know about it. And then there are cases where the suspicious and overly jealous boyfriend (or girlfriend) signs into the girlfriend's (or boyfriend's) account to check up on them. But...... that's another story altogether.

I'm feeling bitter. You do not want to know why. But it has got something to do with the said social networking site I was talking about. Used the right way, it is a wonderful tool to make new friends (I like making new friends!) and strengthen existing bonds. In fact, the last few weeks I looked forward to signing into Facebook to keep track of updates from Baktisiswa Kemboja group (more on that soon).

There are times when I'm grateful for Facebook. But even then I'm trying to ignore the pseudo philosophers and posers. I know, some people are genuine in giving advice, but they are often outshined by those who are not.

The scenarios I wrote are all true accounts, most of which I experienced myself. The people I mentioned are all my friends too, but I still don't approve some of their actions (not that they care). They are generally good people, but thrown in Facebook, they can be quite nasty and obnoxious.

Again, don't get me wrong. Facebook is not all bad. I just feel like ranting.

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