Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oh my. Ohhhhhh my.

What do I do?? I only have one month to go and I am not prepared at all! And I mean, AT ALL. I need to buy clothes (winter clothes!), pack dry foods, learn to cook those dry foods, find out about the place, find out about the university, plan a cultural show, settle whatever commitment I have here (duit kelas! AFTAS! Go Green Campaign! PIDM scholarship! Baiduri!), and say my farewells. Oh! And study! I need to study and revise! I've abandoned my textbooks for so long now that I don't think I can get back on track easily. Oh god I need to study!!


Sorry. I was caught up with things to do that I forgot to tell you the most important thing. I am going to... wait for it, wait for it... England! How awesome is that?? It's for this student exchange program that our faculty's involved in. I've heard about these programs, but my friend Pika said that the faculty will chose the candidates and it's usually for those students who are active in the student body (most of the time it means the presidents and MPPs) and top scorers.

So... I was not in the list of candidates. Hardly surprising, seeing that my exam result was bad and I'm not that active either. But wait! I saw a glimmer of hope last Friday in the form of a phone call from Nasa [cue for divine sound from above]. Nasa, who was a candidate and had already went through the interview, suggested my name when asked for a possible additional female candidate as they think they didn't have enough.

I tried so hard not to get excited. I mean, I'd still have to go through the interview. And I don't know how other people fared. I didn't give myself the luxury of hoping because I was afraid of rejection. I was, after all, a second choice. And I didn't know anything about the program at all, and what to expect from the interview, and who's going to conduct the interview, and, and, and a lot of other things! The only thing I prepared for the interview was my ironed baju kurung.

The interview was simple enough. I gave all politically correct answers with a touch of personality (blur) and a hint of enthusiasm. 5 minutes after the interview, I heard "Okay Farah. You pegi." Cue for raised eyebrows, widened eyes and general blurness as I comprehend the message. I. am. going. to. England!

I haven't properly told anyone about it (unless they asked) except my family and closest friends (hey, that's you!) because there is a sliiiiiight problem about the budget, and if we have to pay even a small chuck of the expenses, I won't go, because frankly, I can't afford it. And I'm not prepared to answer questions regarding the program because I too need those questions answered.

I'm excited and annoyed at the same time. Annoyed at the faculty for giving us such short notice. For still keeping us in the dark. For making Nasa do work for them. But I'm sure every dissatisfaction with the faculty will be wiped clean after we get there. Same goes to Nasa. I owe him.

If we're going, this is the place, Teesside University in Middlesbrough.